Cheese-making skills that stand the test of time

Back in the twelfth century, the monks who lived in the valley of Abondance realised that their precious cheese could be a source of true wealth for their remote mountain valley.

They started the long, hard task of clearing the land, creating lush fields and green alpine pastures suitable for developing their dairy farming prowess. With patience and skill, the monks started to uncover the secrets of the process that culminates in Abondance cheese. Working closely with the local peasant-farmers, they created a new way of life based on a sustainable business model.

In 1381, Abondance cheese was served up to the papal conclave that met in Avignon to elect the new Pope. This was the moment at which Abondance cheese gained its reputation for excellence.

In 1990, Abondance cheese production was awarded the status of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée, guaranteeing that the process as a whole respects local produce, local methods of producing milk and making cheese, local animal husbandry and the traditional local maturation process.